Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Beginnings

When we receive Jesus in our hearts we are renewed, reborn, given another chance to live and love and have a blessed eternity. He is our strength, our song. He is MY strength and my song. He lifts me higher with each prayer I pray and every word I read in His Word. I am getting stronger each day. In that I am feeling a need to share His word and the reason I'm doing what I do. I am a Christian first, for without that I am nothing. period. nothing. But through Him I am EVERYTHING! I can't NOT share that! Second, I'm a momma. 3 boys and one daughter-in-law that might as well just be mine. I love that girl!! Thirdly, I'm an artist. It feels good to say that. Accepting that as who I am and who i am becoming.

I want to embrace all that i am, all rolled into one thing, to create a much better me. while doing all of this mixing of the three i want to share it here. i have another blog but have neglected it so badly that i have decided to scratch it and just pitch it in- start new, fresh.

will i be here everyday? no, probably not.
will i use correct spelling and grammar? nope, not me. but i hope to get my words, my heart song, my artwork out there to be seen.
will i answer all comments? i hope to have so many that it'll be impossible to answer them all - "...With God ALL things are possible." Matthew 19:26

i will be offering classes locally and workshops online very soon - that is the plan- so stay tuned!

if you need an ear, a prayer, or anything at all- email me! I will do my best to reply and help in anyway i can.

if i post a project, i will list the materials (in most cases) that i've used to make the project.
techniques- step by step instructions for some projects.
videos? i'm not sure. i'm very bashful ( you would never, ever think this if you met me!) camera shy? oh yes!

Pictures coming soon!
Have a blessed day!

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