Friday, May 30, 2014

Here are a few of the things I've been working on lately. I am totally, 100% hooked on joint compound!! I simply LOVE the stuff!! In the pictures here I used it in every project shown.

Photo 1 - on canvas board layers of joint compound ( i mix paint in to color it) layers of paint and book paper. I scratched a flower pattern into the JC when it was starting to set up. After a coat of Modge Podge I gave the flowers some color with FABER- CASTELL Big Brush Pitt Pens. For a finishing touch I added some word stickers from Tim Holtz and gave everything a nice shadowy look with a gray Pitt Pen.

Photo 2- This was a 10X10 canvas class that I taught at our local art studio.The blue pattern is joint compound, we used a vinyl stencil for the lettering and a pieced paper bird. FABER-CASTELL Big Brush Pitt Pens were used to give everything a shadow.

Photo 3- One of my favorite pieces yet- it is a 6X6 canvas painted a yummy orange color with old dictionary papers. I mixed  blue paint with the JC and spread it over the canvas (like spreading on cake icing) letting color and words peek through. 

Photo 4- I painted an 8X10 canvas a pale yellow then mixed some turquoise paint with more JC. I painted yhe JC on in a heart shape.  I dried that layer and painted on another layer of it.  Finished it with a hand drawn word with VERY watered down black paint.

I am about to start a BIG canvas with LOTS of old papers and more joint compound.  Getting so excited to play again!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

New Beginnings

When we receive Jesus in our hearts we are renewed, reborn, given another chance to live and love and have a blessed eternity. He is our strength, our song. He is MY strength and my song. He lifts me higher with each prayer I pray and every word I read in His Word. I am getting stronger each day. In that I am feeling a need to share His word and the reason I'm doing what I do. I am a Christian first, for without that I am nothing. period. nothing. But through Him I am EVERYTHING! I can't NOT share that! Second, I'm a momma. 3 boys and one daughter-in-law that might as well just be mine. I love that girl!! Thirdly, I'm an artist. It feels good to say that. Accepting that as who I am and who i am becoming.

I want to embrace all that i am, all rolled into one thing, to create a much better me. while doing all of this mixing of the three i want to share it here. i have another blog but have neglected it so badly that i have decided to scratch it and just pitch it in- start new, fresh.

will i be here everyday? no, probably not.
will i use correct spelling and grammar? nope, not me. but i hope to get my words, my heart song, my artwork out there to be seen.
will i answer all comments? i hope to have so many that it'll be impossible to answer them all - "...With God ALL things are possible." Matthew 19:26

i will be offering classes locally and workshops online very soon - that is the plan- so stay tuned!

if you need an ear, a prayer, or anything at all- email me! I will do my best to reply and help in anyway i can.

if i post a project, i will list the materials (in most cases) that i've used to make the project.
techniques- step by step instructions for some projects.
videos? i'm not sure. i'm very bashful ( you would never, ever think this if you met me!) camera shy? oh yes!

Pictures coming soon!
Have a blessed day!